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Vendor Management


Bitstream is a single point of contact for all of your technology systems.

To sustain a properly functioning technology environment, a business will have to maintain relationships with technology vendors for items such as:

  • high volume copiers and printers
  • fire and burglar alarm systems
  • security camera NVR systems
  • Internet data telecom circuits
  • voice telecom circuits
  • UCaaS systems
  • low voltage cabling
  • fiber optic cabling
  • audio and video systems

Bitstream has established relationships with vendors in each of these categories. We have vetted the vendors in our technology stack, and we are able to stand behind the quality of their work. We bring our portfolio of vendors to the onboarding projects we undertake so that we can be confident of a successful outcome. The products and methods we use are repeated the same way every time.

This is an advantage to you. Clients open a ticket with Bitstream for anything related to these vendors, and we are responsible for initiating contact and managing the process to resolution.