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Managed Secure Drive


BMSD - Bitstream Managed Secure Drive

Bitstream Managed Secure Drive combines native operating system encryption facilities with a proprietary cloud monitoring and management system to both enforce encryption policies and automate wiping of encryption keys if a device is lost or stolen (via dead man's switch even if the device never contacts the cloud again).

Laptop theft or loss is one of the most common ways private data is stolen. Bitstream Managed Secure Drive implements both whole disk encryption and file system encryption simultaneously. Whole disk encryption at the block level via BitLocker protects data on the entire disk when the laptop is powered off, and prevents a drive from being physically moved to another computer for access. File system encryption via EFS protects files and folders inside the user profile even when the computer is powered on.

Our solution is completely managed by us and is cloud based. We can remove user access to data instantly, while maintaining employee productivity through hidden, totally burden-free operation. Stolen devices which do not check in to our cloud will automatically delete encryption keys after a set number of days without contact.


  • Immediate data access elimination through patented “quarantine” – reset passwords, persistent shutdown, and elimination of local encryption key (PC only). Instant remote restoration of data access with administrator approval
  • Complete data wipe capability when devices are lost or stolen - manual and time-based rules
  • Configurable automatic security responses to various threat conditions
  • Remote enforcement of local security and password policy
  • Centralized reporting of status and device risks and conditions

If your business computers host sensitive data and theft prevention of that data is a prime directive, then BMSD is the most comprehensive solution you will find.


Machine Type Monthly Price
Workstation $9
Server Not Available

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