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Remote Desktop Access


BMRD - Bitstream Managed Remote Desktop

Bitstream Managed Remote Desktop allows secure encrypted access to business workstations from anywhere in the world.

The need to work while away from business systems is common, and Bitstream provides an easy, secure and well-priced solution to access work computers remotely. We offer full management and support of two industry leading applications: Splashtop and TeamViewer.


  • Access business computers from anywhere
  • Secured with enforced use of MFA
  • Multi-display support
  • Audio streamed from remote computer


Access Method Monthly Price1
Splashtop $9
TeamViewer $9

Ready to get started?

  1. Price is per user/computer pair. E.g. monthly cost is the same for one user to access 4 computers and for 4 users to access one computer, as both are 4 user/computer pairs.