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Managed Secure Messaging


BMSM - Bitstream Managed Secure Messaging with Virtru

Bitstream Managed Secure Messaging is a fully-managed encrypted messaging service via our partner Virtru, that integrates with both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365.

A fundamental problem businesses must solve is: how do we move data like emails and files from place to place in a secure manner? A secure messaging platform is designed to solve this problem, especially when the data needs to leave the bounds of the internal information systems of the business. E.g. - a business needs to transmit a bill of sale or contract to a customer's email account.

Some of the reasons your business should deploy Secure Messaging

  • meet mandated regulatory compliance standards
  • protect trade secrets
  • manage risk of a leak of PII1 (Personal Identifiable Information)
  • prevent lost data from becoming an asset for ransom threat

Bitstream Managed Secure Messaging is scalable and offers a simple-to-use interface that makes it easy to transmit sensitive data securely.

The Virtru solution is fully managed by us. Provisioned users are able to send encrypted messages and file attachments directly from their email platform, with a few simple clicks. Recipients receive a corresponding link, verify their identity, and are able to decrypt the message in an easy, intuitive manner - no account required.


  • End-to-end encrypted messaging - only the sender and designated recipient are ever able to decrypt the contents
  • Deep, native integration - BMSM integrates with your email platform: Google Workspace or Microsoft 365
  • Simple user experience - encrypting a message takes a few clicks, and recipients don't need any special key or password to view their message
  • Revocable access - contrary to traditional email, access to secure messages and their attachments can be revoked at any time after sending
  • Configurable Data Loss Prevention (DLP) rules - automatically detect and force-encrypt messages that match rules that you set, preventing accidental insecure data transmission by human-error
  • Advanced security options - optionally protect messages and attachments by setting an expiration date, watermarking, and disabling resharing by the recipient
  • Meets compliance requirements for encrypted document transmission - adheres to CMMC, NIST 800-171, FIPS 140-2, CCPA, HIPAA, and other standards


Component Price
Base Platform Fee $1999/year
User License $60/user/year

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