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The MSP Model



Every business needs a CIO1 and professional IT support.

The basis for the MSP model is the assertion that it's advantageous to contract with a company that meets these needs. Why? Because all of the overhead and costs of establishing a highly skilled team are spread over many businesses instead of just one. And you will have a greater depth of available resources.


For example, it may cost your company $5,000 per month for just one IT staff member, whereas a monthly support agreement with an MSP with a skilled staff of 10 technicians may cost $1000 per month.

The Bitstream model of MSP services will benefit your business in the following ways:

Fixed IT Costs

After meeting with you and performing a site survey, we will create a written quote for your review. The quote will clearly state what you'll pay monthly for effectively unlimited IT support.


We don't count hours or charge for travel time, and we don't charge extra fees for emergency response on nights, weekends, or holidays.

High Security

The security of your information systems is our top priority. All of your users will be limited users in all systems, without any exceptions. This is the only way to prevent the compromise of the systems on which your business depends.

Resilient Design

The attention to security means we can deliver systems that are tough to break. Without administrator rights, a mistake made by a user will only be a minor annoyance which may be quickly resolved, rather than an event that halts all business operations.

Extremely Fast Response

We are comfortable stating in writing here that the majority of our incoming requests submitted to the ticket system get some kind of response in 20 minutes or less.


In many cases you will see a response in 2-5 minutes!

Meticulous Documentation

Our rapid response is made possible because we have all of our information organized in a structured and searchable database in the cloud. We do not depend on our memories or randomly placed notes to store important information such as:

  • user login names
  • passwords
  • IP addresses
  • circuit IDs
  • account numbers
  • vendor contact information
  • department managers
  • emergency contact numbers
  • domain name expiration dates
  • standard operating procedures

Ready to get started?

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