Structured Cabling

Create a solid foundation for your data, network, and voice system

Bitstream believes that building a great computer and voice network is akin to constructing a house, in that proper functioning and stability of the higher layers depends upon and cannot exceed those of the lower layers. This is why we offer structured cabling design and installation services for Atlanta businesses.

Our technicians can help you build a telecommunication wiring system that comprises of cables, connectors, and accessories used to connect local area networks and telephone systems within a commercial building.

We provide services for both designing and installing a new cable plant, or replacing and repairing an existing system that is of substandard quality.

Our structured cabling services span the following areas:

  • New building construction wiring
  • T1 / DEMARC extension
  • MDF / IDF design and build-out
  • Network / Server rack design and installation