Cloud Backup

Automated applications that duplicate, encrypt, and safely store your data

Your precious business data can be lost or corrupted in countless ways. At the very least, it can cause a minor setback for you when you have to recreate or retrieve a lost document. At most, it can totally disrupt your operations and knock your business to the ground.

Bitstream’s Cloud Backup service gives you peace of mind knowing that every file will be captured and stored safely in our secure, remote data centers. We proactively monitor your data and install backup and recovery systems within our facilities, ensuring the latest version of your files are fully recoverable even if disaster strikes.

Our Cloud Backup Packages


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Per month

Disasters don’t give warnings when they will wipe out your servers, which is why deploying a reliable backup program is essential.

Our Cloud Backup solution offers a great deal of benefits:

  • Round-the-clock monitoring – our monitoring program keeps tabs on your backups at all hours of the day
  • Multiple redundancy – your data is stored on our multiple on- and off-site servers for maximum protection
  • Advanced encryption – secure file transfers with an encryption key before sending your data to an offsite storage facility
  • Instant recovery – restore your data within minutes of an incident for faster disaster recovery